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Anime has taught me many things


It taught me that everybody should be treated equal.


That the world isn’t black and white,


and that life can be hard


but it’s worth living.


That you should do/stand up for what you believe in.


That friendship is important,


as is love,


And Family.


Because this is the scariest thing I’ve drawn with the intention of doing just that. >:D

Because this is the scariest thing I’ve drawn with the intention of doing just that. >:D


Feliciano furrowed his brow as he knotted and unknotted the tie at his neck. He whined softly and turned towards Ludwig. 

"I can’t do it." He pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. The blonde man sighed and shook his head. He stood up from where he sat on the bed and moved to stand in front of his boyfriend. With skilled fingers he tucked the fabric over and under and pulled it taught in a perfect knot. He nodded, satisfied with his handiwork. Feliciano smiled and stood on his tip toes to press a kiss against his cheek. 

"Come on, let’s go." Ludwig slipped his arm around his waist pulling the smaller man against his side. He liked the feeling of warmth there. "The other’s are probably waiting 

Lovino sighed and tapped his foot against the ceramic tile. He glanced at the silver watch on his wrist and shook his head. 

"Idiot! We were supposed to leave five minutes ago!" Lovino shouted down the hall. Antonio peeked around the doorway and smiled. 

"Perfection takes time, mi amor." He winked and disappeared back into the room. Lovino sighed and stalked down the hall and into the room. There stood Antonio, looking immaculate in a deep blue almost black suit. Lovino, distracted, didn’t noticed being pulled flush against Antonio’s chest until he was staring into green eyes. "You worry too much, Lovi." Antonio pecked Lovino’s lips and walked down the hall. "Well are you coming?" Lovino blinked and frowned. 

"Idiot bastard." He mumbled, pushing past Antonio and out the door. 

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I want an AU with ace Matt who has a major friend crush on Gilbert because friend crushes are the worst.

One day he’s perfectly fine with things the way they are: gaming, hanging out, teasing, fighting, laughing. The next day he’s pining so hard his head spins. He finds himself longing for…

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2p Nyotalia v 1p Nyotalia
-PruCan FTW-

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The P0ck3tf0x Masterlist


P0ck3tf0x is one of those “rare jems” that you find within the fanfic community. She is an incredible writer who writes PruCan stories ranging from fluffy to bitter sweet, beautiful to absolutely filthy. My favourite part about her writing is the author notes she leaves at the bottom of her…

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Favorite Hetalia post
Part 2


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